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Astrology has a huge impact on the career choices as well as on the professional situation and personal wealth of the person, just like on any other area of life. However it can be particularly precisous and useful to delve into the natal chart in order to explore the true vocation of the person and the areas where one can find personal recognition, satisfactionand material prosperity. There are few people who managed to escape asking themselves « What actually am I doing here ? » being bored, stressed or overwhelmed by the intense and often not really interesting activity at their workplace, problems in their business beginnings, or simply looking for the job for months without any important progress. This is when astrology comes in handy, as it helps answering numerous questions in regards to where and how a person can find their path that will both satisfy them financially and emotionally.

There are several important techniques that help to determine the best career options and possibles sources of income, as well as the best periods for career progression, job change or promotion. The 10th house is clearly the most important and linked to the professional inclinations and talents. The position of Jupiter should also be followed in order to search for the areas one can be lucky in. Finally the transits are explored to determine the key dates. This is just a short summary of what actually the career astrology can bring, as the revelations are often really amazing. I have worked with so many people, who have encountered certain hiccups in their professional life and business. It is really amazing how their life has changed after having indications about the path to follow, in fact each person has their unique talents and the areas where they can stand out. Knowing them opens the way to successful career, social recognition and material prosperity.

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