The stars show you how to communicate with your child


Raising a child and trying to bring out an emotionally and psychologically stable member to the society is the noblest mission in the world but at the same time it is the hardest.

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How your career will evolve ?


Astrology has a huge impact on the career choices as well as on the professional situation and personal wealth of the person, just like on any other area of life. However it can be particularly precisous and useful to delve into the natal chart in order to explore the true vocation of the person and the areas where one can find personal recognition, satisfactionand material prosperity...

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Personal chinese reading


I have been studying Chinese astrology for a long time and I am absolutely fascinated by it, as these techniques are based on the long centuries of Eastern wisdom and they have proved themselves to be very precise, practical, insightful and straight to the point...

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Personal compatibility reading


You already know what the natal chart is; this is the exact position of the planets at the moment of your birth. Synastry astrology (otherwise known as Compatibility astrology) can be very useful for you regardless of the current status of your relationship...

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Your character reading


Are there certain exterior factors that are hindering you from moving forward ? Do you feel that you have a lot of potential but for some reason you are not able to completely open up and start using all your qualities, abilities and talents ? This is what I am here for !

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