Your Character Reading Reveal all your potential, your hidden abilities and strengths.

Are there certain exterior factors that are hindering you from moving forward ? Do you feel that you have a lot of potential but for some reason you are not able to completely open up and start using all your qualities, abilities and talents ? This is what I am here for ! I will be happy to prepare your Guide to personal Realization that will give you practical and straight to the point way to discovering all the energy and strength you have inside of you, it will tell you a lot of incredible and precious details about your inner self and show you the path to making the changes.

Your Guide will consisit of two parts which complete each other and which need to be carefully studied. The first part will contain full detailed analysis of your inner self.

Full detailed analysis of your inner world will make you discover what you have never suspected about yourself and more precisely :

  • Your personal and precise astrological data.

  • Your general characteristics and the way you appear to people around you, how they see and perceive you as a person, the way you communicate. I will also explain your fundamental needs, values, your orientation in life and what you true inner desires are.

  • How the energies are balanced inside of you and what are your main traits of character that result from it.

  • What is your approach to life, what is your position towards different situations you encounter and what influence it has on your decisions, your life and your future

  • Your Inner Self : I will reveal your true motivations and ambitions that can make you progress, I will explain to you what exactly can give you strenght to get what you want.

  • Your Mental Interests and Abilities : learn what brings you satisfaction in life and what you usually do to please those around you.

  • Your emotions and how they influence you life : learn to control your emotions and your feelings in order to make them serve your pourposes

  • I will reveal the way you tend to react to exterioir situations and how you can make your emotions your strenght in everyday life.

  • Your hidden abilities and talents : , there is so much potential inside of you ! I am really impressed by all that you have and you will see what you need to do to develop those abilities and strong points.

  • How you solve problem and how you make decisions. I will pinpoint the areas you need to pay special attention to as they tend to give you more of a hard time, but this is not going to be the problem if you learn to handle them and I will show you exactly how you can do that.

  • Your generational analysis

  • New energies and new ambitions, and how this new knowledge about yourself will help you find you place in life, achieve your goals and satisfy your ambitions ; learn to channel your energies and to transform in the power that creates your future, !

The second part of your guide will I contain four ebooks that will uncover different powers that you have inside of you and will show how to develop those powers and how to use your inner strength in a very detailed and specific manner:

  • Clairovoyance : It's history , application and popular techniques.

  • Radiesthesia : the power and self-discovery involveved with this fascinating science.

  • Shamanis & Totem Animals : discover the support your Personal Totem Animal can give you and discover the history of Shamanism.

  • Guardian Angels : what are these etheral beings and how can you call on your Personal Angel ?

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