Why shouldn't you be afraid of negative transits in your natal chart ?

Since "Transits" are referred to as one of the most important astrological periods in anyone's life, then caring much about this crucial phase is worth giving attention to.

Generally speaking, transits work in various kinds of ways that fit with the energy of the planets involved. These transits can be good, but sometimes "bad" or let's say "challenging". They are transitory; they come and go, which means that they don't last. In other words, they are just transits whether they are hard or easy. However, what really matters is one's choice, decision and action during such important period.Then, acting promptly in order to take advantage of transits is the best alternative.

From my point of view, I can reckon that it is not necessary to be afraid that the planets are affecting us negatively. There is no need to fear hard transits. Even life includes challenging hard twists of fate. That is why you shouldn't escape those harsh transits, but rather control them. You shouldn't fear negative transits, but just confront them. If there is one thing that holds people from growing as individuals, achieving their goals, fulfilling their dreams, climbing the ladder of success and being the best version of themselves, fear is definitely at the top.

Nothing is out of any person's control. Being careful is what people need to do in order to avoid such fear and worry. All humans go through this similar journey in this life. There is nothing "good" or "bad" if we as people don't make it that way by our decisions, choices...So, it is as if claiming that transits and life go hand in hand.Saying differently, transits are in parallelism with life experiences.

As the saying goes" Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional". I can tell you that you can't be afraid of whatever a bad situation is going to happen, will happen at any cost.

Actually, transits won't harm you the way you think, but the most harmful thing in any one's life is fear. If you look towards the future with fear in your heart, you will get just the same experience that you feel afraid of, because anyone who becomes fearful of transits may lose power and their ability to simply live a normal life.

When thinking of planets as a source of misfortune, disasters and problems, each one will feel paralyzed and automatically will be disconnected from their intuition. Hence, they will be living a half-lived life.

It is true that you may feel frightened about some harsh coming transits in a new love relationship or in a professional one or even in your natal chart as a whole. You can be forewarned about these negative energies coming up, but the future is unwritten. Therefore, you shouldn't escape them, but you should rather control how you feel affected by them. You are the only person responsible how much these transits hurt you through the choices you make and the decisions you take.

I can even go further and tell you that you can turn them to your advantage. Just try to remember that occasionally a loss is necessary in order to achieve a gain. There is always a silver lining since good things can come from bad ones.

For this reason, the main thing is not to give up towards those harsh transits, but to keep on going and fighting. This is ultimately how those energies can be handled. There should be no room for fear from these transits which can be confronted with courage. So, you can just regard them as lessons to learn from. Lessons that make you stronger and facilitate the process of growing as individuals.

It is the inner voice you have that encourages you and pushes you forward to explore it and work with it to enrich your life. It is only through your own intuitive wisdom along with willingness that you reach your dreams.

In a nutshell, transits can work in all kinds of ways that fit the energy of planets involved. Whether they are good or bad depends on the individuals choices, decisions and actions. Taking control over one's feelings and listening to the inner voice is the best therapy to feel secure and to develop one's own identity.

Briefly, you can find yourself challenged sometimes throughout your life, but this is just to pay attention to the world and take part in it, not just sit on it.

Since there is always a glimmer of hope, then you should be optimistic and have faith that even difficult transits can trigger life events that are so overwhelming. When you are forewarned about these transits you are forearmed to act upon them and therefore make the right steps to offset their influence and even make them work for you.

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