Reconciling with the past

It is true that life is about ups and downs, about happiness and sadness, about joys and griefs, satisfaction and regrets and so on…It is a journey full of shifts (moves) from the past passing by the present and heading towards the future. However, what matters is your potential (ability) to reach the balance needed so that you can smoothly move on.

This balance can’t be reached unless you go through some steps. The most important step among these is the reconciliation with the past.

Many people live their lives carrying a real burden from the past. They even tend to make themselves stuck there (in the past) and block their energies standing in their ways to move on.

They start asking themselves about “whys” and limiting their thinking to “ifs”. They look as if they are punishing themselves for things that can’t change. However, this is not logical or objective since the best thing to do is to let go of the past and not waste one’s time getting stuck down this negative pile of memories, regrets, whys and ifs.

It is only through letting go of the past, one can lead to a happier fulfilling life.

From my point of view, I can admit that everyone has made bad decisions in their lives, has offended someone else or has said things out of anger or acted out of frustration…These are bad things that should be confined in the past. No one is proud of them or wants to repeat any of them. However, everyone should reckon that thanks to these errors, mistakes, flaws…they have become the person of today.

For this reason, you should not stay blocked or feel scared of escaping the past, but rather confront that past and accept it as it was. You should bear in mind that every little thing from the past has shaped you into who you are today. It is important to remember when looking back into the past that there are things no one can change, but at the same time, everyone should learn to accept them and be grateful for going through them.

It is just because of them you are who you are at this moment. Also, you should learn how to invest less into what you think your future should hold or should be. What matters the most is this moment; it is your present situation, who you are now and who you are creating yourself to be. Therefore, you should remind yourself each time that this is just life. You win some and you lose some, but you can always be safe on that bridge once you carefully control your past.

It is actually, through a close observation of the key passages of your life, the turning points and the past deeds you can better understand these negative memories, moments and the people responsible for and thanks to whom you have been shaped.

By revisiting your past in such a way, you can more objectively assess it and its impact on your present situation. You can stand fully capable of healing these old wounds through controlling that past. For instance and as a matter of accepting your past and reconciling with it, you can ask yourself: how did that experience make you stronger? And what important life lessons did it teach you?

Consequently, you don’t have to punish yourself for past mistakes, you should rather forgive yourself and learn lessons from these previous mistakes and come up with new resolutions in order to act differently in the future. This way, peace comes from accepting what was for what it was and moving on. In other words, it does not matter what happened in the past. What matters most is that you get things or rewards to be thankful for from this past. To say it differently, you can always find a peaceful place inside you to make peace with your past and to become the person you always wanted to be.

By letting go of the past, your focus will be ultimately on your present and your future. It merely will enable you to get rid of all that was holding you back.

As the old saying goes, “living well is the best revenge”, you should be the author of your own life. Hence, you will be able to close one chapter and open a new one towards creating a life that is fulfilling, so rich with meaning and purpose.

Then, the best way is to recognize your mistakes, bad decisions… and to ensure that you won’t repeat them in the future in order to move on with the strongest version of who you are now.

It doesn’t help that you blame yourself or feel ashamed, when looking back at your past. However, it is a lot easier to forgive yourself since no one is under the illusion of perfection” no one is perfect”, as well as, to take as much time as you may need to mull over the changes you have been going through.

While accepting your past and being grateful for everything has lead you to this moment, you will be stress free about what your future is holding for you. You should bear in mind that every experience we have in life make us who we are today. Those experiences both good and bad should be applied in a positive way today since they are unique to each of us shaping the persons we are today. You are a stronger better person by trying to take all these experiences and deeds and using them in better ways.

The hardest part is what you leave behind, but if you accept your past as it was and make your present a time to apologize and forgive yourself, you will move on easily towards a better future.

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