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Dreams and events of the real world seem to be intertwined and there will be difficulty separating the two. You are able to see the shortcomings of others, but still find it difficult to keep away from them. If you are trying to find out if the object of your love shares your feelings, this is not the time to try, instead wait until the fog clears after this transit ends and the answer will present itself. Health matters can include a nervous stomach, allergic reactions to pollen and dust and feeling more tired than normal.

You may feel you are engulfed in a tractor beam and obsessed by a love relationship now, one which you can do nothing about except submit. The universe is getting even for things you have done in the past by the very people you have done them too. Don't be to hard on them, as they are just returning the favor even though they may not know it. It's a very subconscious and Karmic type of thing.

Moods are apt to drift in and out like the confusion that surrounds them now and the use of any drugs or alcohol whether prescription or not is to be considered adverse to your health. Love relationships that are started now are addictive but impractical, so DON'T make any commitments to this person now! There can be some very strong obsessions to love at this time that cannot be denied, perhaps a Pisces personality.

Yearnings to do things that have no definition will find you now. You are very sensitive and impressionable to the world around you and it will be easy to fall into the well of drinking and its abuses, self pity and depression now. Although you may or may not mean to, this transit brings out the ability to lie, cheat or mislead others and worries over female problems can develop.

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