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Developments around the home may require quick action now and people with heart problems may experience slight erratic heart actions. Plan on doing something different and electric as well, as you may find that the dandiest friendships can develop most unexpectedly. Excitement is on your mind in every fiber of your being now and interests in the fields of Metaphysical, psychological, spiritual and astrological subjects can develop. Every aspect of this transit can take on an electrical, exciting or very surprising tone or you may be surprising others through your strange actions. Use caution during this time, as the risk of explosions and fire potentials is highlighted.

When forming a contract, don't forget an escape clause just in case you need to do just that, as conflicts and arguments can pop up easily over the most trivial of matters. Your intuitive and psychic abilities may be high now and you can expect to remember your dreams.

This transit presents the need for a change, reforming or updating ideas and conditions, evolving within oneself and growth. Totally new living conditions can arrive quite suddenly as you will be very restless, somewhat careless, very nervous, easily excited, tense, erratic in behavior, impulsive, argumentative and break away from conditions that have grown to be intolerable. This transit favors scientific endeavors, engineering, or corporate pursuits.

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