FOR virgo


Stress can come to family life now and there will be a real intolerance for people who enjoy being spontaneous. The emotional war that is taking place within you is taking it's toll on those close to you which can easily disrupt the domestic scene. You may notice some spasms of the stomach or ups and downs with your eyesight.

Here is where change is at its most unpredictable, as separations can suddenly occur from emotional bonds. Since the moon represents the emotions, the mother bond, the ties that bind us, then this is the time for removal either temporarily or permanently from present conditions. Those removals that are permanent allow you the freedom of being on your own whether wanted or not. Divorces and incidents of romantic disappointments and failure possible now and you should find a release for all of that pent up energy you are carrying around with you. Do anything that leaves you tired physically, just as long as you don't injure yourself. The Boy Scout Motto must have been invented during this transit, as it stands for "BE PREPARED," wide awake and alert, as infantile explosions of emotions are probable.

Sudden domestic changes that have been boiling up for some time have to let go and this is what this transit is famous for, as this is the "pressure cooker release mechanism" of the zodiac. You really won't care (at this time) about anything but being free, no matter what form it takes and people will see mood changes in you like Jeckle and Hyde. Unfortunately it will seem more like Heckle and Jeckle! It is an opinion that this is not the time to buy a home, or at least one you will be living in for a long time, as it can be here today and gone tomorrow.

Boredom can breed childish behavior now, or here is the prankster looking to play a practical joke on anyone in their path.

On the health front, ulcers and spasms can occur and exercise would be satisfying to the system or try a message to soothe the nervous system. Mood swings and bitchiness can also be expected.

Those things that have happened in the past can pop up and bring some very unpredictable emotional explosions now and secret unfulfilled desires are awakened to be satisfied.

In romance and marriage there can be separations and since there are so many people in this wide world of ours, you may hear news of a death.

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